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Under Florida Statutes, Chapter 447, a procedure is outlined on how to resolve labor contract disputes between a union and management.  One step in this process is presenting your case to a Special Magistrate (Judge) appointed by the Public Employee Relations Commission.  The Magistrate’s ruling is non-binding and serves as a recommendation only to the parties.  Outlined below are the highlights (summary) of the Magistrate’s recommendations.  The final step over our contract dispute will be resolved by the County Commission at a hearing yet to be scheduled (unless the parties come to a prior agreement).


1. Wages:  4% wage increase retroactive to October 1, 2016
2. Do not include Joint Citizen/Passenger Service Committee language
3. Remove current gear box language; do a feasibility study to determine whether the gear box work should be done in-house; if County determines that the work should be contracted out, union may grieve that decision under “reasonable business judgment” standard.
4. Release

a. President and one (1) Vice President on full-time release.
b. Retain Article III.2A - County has discretion to allow more bargaining unit members to be released fulltime, without pay (considered in pay status for longevity bonus award purposes)
c. 5,000 hours per year to process grievances and attend union functions.  Time off to process grievances to be granted by supervisors, and not unreasonably withheld.
d. Retain daily overtime pay for an employee who is booked off an entire day, if part of employee’s regular day’s pay.
e. Retain Article III.2C – Union Time Pool 

5. Adopt Community Mentoring Initiative
6. Sick and Vacation Leave – Status quo with following modifications:  allow use of sick leave for a fraction of a day (Bus Operators) if the Bus Operator has obtained prior supervisory approval, or the Bus Operator is too sick to continue to work.
7. No increase to maximum accrual of annual leave (status quo of 500)
8. Change payout scale of accrued sick leave as proposed by County for new hires (employees hired after January 1, 2015 on 13 year to 33 year scale)
9. Eliminate MAP program 10. Eliminate PACE program
10. Eliminate PACE program