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Assistant Chief Shop Steward (Transportation)
Coral way- Bus Operations

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My name is Joseph Andrew D’Elia and I am the Assistant Chief Shop Steward of Bus Operations for Transport Workers Union Local 291. I was hired on May 19, 2003. I have always been a Union advocate and highly active within my Unions since I started working back when I lived in New York.

Once hired here at Miami Dade Transit, I began to shadow Shop Stewards Norberto Concepcion, Joe DeValle and Kevin Craig. I also shadowed M.A.P. Counselor Pedro Flores for years as well. I donated a lot of time to the Local helping pro-bono at all of their functions and wherever needed.

I ran an unsuccessful campaign for Transportation V.P. in 2009. In 2012, I was appointed to Shop Steward of Coral Way Division. In 2015 I was elected to Assistant Chief Shop Steward and currently hold that position. I love serving my members and try to fulfill all of their needs and expectations to the best of my ability.