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Jose De Valle Jr. has been in public transportation since 1976.
He started as a mechanic with New York City Transit then becoming involved with the labor movement with T.W.U. Local 100.
About  4 years into his career he then switched over to the bus side becoming a Bus Operator and still part of the labor movement.

He left New York and decided to join Miami Dade Transit in September of 2001 as a Bus Operator and kept being involved with T.W.U. since it's always been a big part of his life, but this time with T.W.U. local 291. In 2003, he was appointed Shop Steward for the Coral Way division and kept up with helping the members as well as pushing forward with the labor movement. He has now moved up as a Metro Mover Tech and has been appointed Vice President of the Rail/Mover division where he is still there today.