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Jeffrey Mitchell is currently a Rail/Mover Vice President for the Transport Workers Union of America, Local 291, AFL-CIO, in Miami, Florida, and has served in that capacity for over fifteen (15) years.

Local 291 represents approximately 3,000 employees working for Miami-Dade Transit (Metrorail, Metromover, Metrobus, and Paratransit systems), which is the largest transit system in Florida, and the 15 th largest transit system in the United States.



Jeffrey has spent most of his adult life working in the organized labor arena in general, while primarily holding executive and administrative positions with Local 291 in Miami. Under Jeffrey’s watch and tenure, Local 291 grew immensely over time in virtually every important aspect, and has been recognized as one of the strongest labor organizations in South Florida.

Not long after joining Miami-Dade Transit in the early 90s, Jeffrey became very interested in Union politics, and was elected or appointed to various local and statewide Union organizations over the years, particularly those under the AFL- CIO umbrella in Florida.

Concurrent with his responsibilities of helping to run the potent and politically astute Local 291, Jeffrey is frequently “loaned” to other labor organizations when they are immersed in pollical campaigns of one form or another. He is a tireless campaigner and community organizer, and is always the first one called upon by the Local’s International in Washington, DC (and other organizations) when high profile campaigns need an infusion of talent and expertise.

A veteran of the United States Air Force, Jeffrey is also an avid sports fan, and played semi-pro baseball in his earlier days. He has a wife and three (3) children, and lives in Palmetto Bay, Florida.