Our History

Michael J. Quill: Fearless Father of the TWU

The Transport Workers Union of America was founded in 1934 as an industrial union dedicated to the promise that an organization built on trust and equality for all workers cannot be denied. Our motto is "United-Invincible"

Membership and Affiliations

TWU is affiliated with the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) and the worldwide International Transport Workers Federation (ITF). We are a trade union representing workers in Mass Transportation, Airline, Railroad, Utility, University, Municipalities, Service and allied industries. 
Our union operates on three levels -- the International Union, Industrial Divisions and Local affiliates.

All TWU members belong to Locals formed on the basis of interest and geographic location. The members elect their own Local officers who handle most of their problems. The International Union coordinates the activities of the Divisions and the Locals and assists in negotiations, organizing drives and legislative campaigns. It provides professional legal, education, research and public relations services to the Locals and Divisions. </p>\r\n<p>

The supreme policy-making body of the union is the International Convention which is held every four years. International officers are elected at the Convention.

TWU International

The International Constitution, which governs all union activities, is reviewed and amended at that time as well. 

Between Conventions, the policy-making bodies of the union are the International Executive Council and International Executive Board. Division Councils meet at regular intervals to discuss and formulate policies affecting their own particular memberships.