Legislative & Political

Legislative & Political

As your representative in Tallahassee, the TWU Local 291 works to ensure our members have their voices heard in the halls of the Florida Congress, with state regulatory agencies, and at the State House on the critical issues facing working people today: job security, transportation and infrastructure funding, and more. We keep close watch on the state-wide political agenda to monitor for any legislative attacks on your right to a voice on the job.

State Conferences

TWU Local 291 State Conferences are a way for all TWU locals in a region to come together to support a common agenda. At State Conference meetings locals pool resources, strategize and take on joint campaigns. Since first convened, the State Conferences have won critical battles and developed strong community and political ties across the country. Follow them on Flickr here!

The State Conferences are also involved with TWU’s International Campaign Unit (ICU) which helps execute strategic organizing, contract, and political campaigns, working across every division, every local, and every region.

State Conference Contact Information

Voter Registration

We can’t change outcomes unless we vote, and we can’t vote unless we’re registered. Our ongoing goal is to register at least 80 percent of all TWU members to vote. How can you help? Locals and State Conferences have lists of unregistered voters and are working to get members registered.

Questions? Contact the Government Affairs department at (202) 719-3870.

Current Legislative Agenda

Federal Legislative Work

As Congress continues its legislative session, TWU will update this page will guidance on bills that affect our members and actions you can take that have a direct impact on federal legislation. To check the status of a particular bill or to see how your member of Congress voted, use the Library of Congress’ system.

State and Local Efforts

Find out when your state legislature is in session at the National Conference on State Legislatures. Find your state, local, or county federation of the AFL-CIO, which can help you get involved in labor activism and grassroots efforts in your own community.

Local State and Federal Elections

Every election is an important opportunity for working people to make their voices heard. From the presidential contest every four years to state and locals races all the way down the ballot, TWU is here to educate our members on the issues that matter most to working people.

Check back here often for ways to stay involved, opportunities to volunteer, and news from candidates and campaigns that TWU supports. Democracy is not a spectator sport—take action and vote!

Useful links:
Am I registered to vote? If not, how can I, and when is my state’s deadlineWhere is my polling location?

Donate to TWU COPE to support candidates who support you.

Sign up for TWU Action Alerts at the top of this page to stay in the loop!

Miami Poll Watchers

Sisters and Brothers, 

Poll workers are a critical part of our democracy, they ensure that our elections are held safely and that voters can properly exercise their constitutional right to vote. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, many parts of the country are experiencing drastic shortages of this critical job. Miami-Dade County is currently short hundreds of poll workers for the upcoming 2020 elections. 


I strongly urge you to encourage your members to sign up as poll workers ahead of early voting and Election Day. It’s crucial that Florida has fair and free elections and poll workers help make sure that everyone’s voice is heard. This is also an opportunity for any unemployed members, as the position is paid through Miami-Dade County. 


To find out more and to sign up, please visit https://www.powerthepolls.org/aflcio. Feel free to distribute this site to your membership. 


 In Solidarity, 


 Mike Williams, 


 President, Florida AFL-CIO 



Florida AFL-CIO E-Messenger

AFL-CIO E-Messenger
Good afternoon and welcome to this week’s Florida AFL-CIO E-Messenger, your roundup of Labor news across the Sunshine State and the Nation. Let’s dive in.

Be a Part of the Solution: Volunteer with the Florida AFL-CIO

Volunteer with AFL-CIO 2020

Election day is just weeks away, and we have the opportunity to elect candidates that will put the working people of Florida first. Across the state, Central Labor Councils are hosting digital phone banks as well as other volunteer opportunities. This is your opportunity to make your voice heard and get out the vote!

Here in Florida, the stakes are high. After years of attacks on the rights of working people and failures of leadership at the national and state level, this election gives us the opportunity to stand up for the working families of the Sunshine State. The current economic and public health crises show us that elections have consequences.

Union members across the state are volunteering their time to get out the vote, will you join them?

To sign up, click your local CLC and fill out your information. A Field Representative will contact you and help you get set up.


South Florida AFL-CIO

Broward County AFL-CIO 

Palm Beach-Treasure Coast AFL-CIO

Southwest Florida Labor Chapter

West Central Florida Labor Council

Central Florida AFL-CIO

North Central Florida Central Labor Council 

Volusia/Flagler AFL-CIO 

Space Coast AFL-CIO

North Florida Central Labor Council

Northwest Florida Federation of Labor

Your vote is your voice. Make sure you’re up to date on your registration and informed about this year’s election. Visit www.workersfirstvoteunion.com to make sure your vote counts. For more information about candidates in your community and the constitutional amendments on this year’s ballots, click here for the Florida AFL-CIO’s endorsements.

Florida News: Unemployment Woes Continue

Florida News: Unemployment Woes Continue

Florida's unemployment system has continued to fail working families in the Sunshine State. At a maximum of $275 a week, it's one of the nation's lowest-paying systems.

Last month, the President approved an Executive Order that provided an extra $300 a week for the unemployed. The only catch: states would have to help cover 25% percent of the bill. Thanks to the incredibly low amount paid out in benefits, Florida doesn't qualify. The program ends this week. The Florida AFL-CIO continues to call on the Governor to increase the insultingly low amount paid to out of work Floridians. WJCB in Gainesville has more.

Millions of Americans are still out of work months into this pandemic. In May, the U.S. House passed the HEROES Act, legislation that would provide real solutions to our current economic and public health crises. If passed into law, the HEROES Act would expand federal unemployment benefits and provide funding for state and local governments.

This week, members of the West Central Florida Labor Council joined U.S. Representative Kathy Castor (FL CD 14, Tampa area) in a digital press conference calling on the Senate to pass the HEROES Act. You can view the press conference here.


Click here to make your voice heard and tell our Senators to pass the HEROES Act.

 Election 2020: Minimum Wage, Rules for Amendments are on the Ballot


Florida's voters will decide if working people will see a much-needed raise of our state’s minimum wage. Amendment 2, which the Florida AFL-CIO supports, would gradually raise the Sunshine State's minimum wage, starting in 2021.

The referendum will be on this year's ballot on November 3rd. The Orlando Sentinel Editorial Board lays out how Amendment 2 is a step in the right direction for working Floridians.

Opposing 4 is the only choice

On the other hand, Amendment 4, not to be confused with the Amendment 4 on the 2018 ballot, which granted voting rights to returning citizens, would be disastrous for democracy in the Sunshine State. The ballot measure would make it even harder to pass Citizens' Initiatives and is funded by millions in dark money donations. Ellen Freidin, a Miami-based attorney, explains how damaging Number 4 would be if passed in an Op/Ed in the Miami Herald.

National News

Workers First Vote

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, was put into place to protect workers from workplace hazards. Unfortunately, it's failed to live up to its mission throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The Huffington Post has more.


In light of the pandemic, the AFL-CIO has released their Am I Safe At Work tool, a way for working people to determine the safety of their workplace. Click here to find out more.


This Tuesday, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka joined Reverend William J. Barber II and the Poor People’s Campaign to commemorate those lost in the Birmingham bombing 57 years ago and discuss the path forward to a more just America. You can view the Facebook Live of the event here.

That wraps up this edition of the Florida AFL-CIO E-Messenger. Election day is fast approaching, with your help, we'll win.

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